Project Updates

Miami Open211 Update #8

Our developer's portal is up!

Posted on by Greg Bloom

Miami Open211 Update #7

Our project is ramping up! Check out the new post from @ernie: Welcome to Miami Open211

I've updated the project summary above. Key stuff:

Next steps:

We are in the Code for Miami Slack Team under #open211.

Posted on by Greg Bloom

Miami 311 Data Science Demo Update #1

This project was pretty much started and finished in the same night (June 29, 2015). It is a really simple demo of data mining the City of Miami 311 data set. The hard part was rolling back the git commits when I accidentally tried to commit a >100 MB file (#bigDataProblems ?)

Anyways, the IPython Notebook is available to fully reproduce the analysis.

Enjoy! -gully (@gully_)[]

Posted on by Michael Gully-Santiago

Bus tracking gps Update #7

Here is the running code:

Posted on by Miguel Herrnsdorf

Miami Open211 Update #6

We made great progress over the weekend: a demo website is up! Check it out:

A bunch of issues listed here:

@eddroid posted this update on slack:

For those of you interested in this project, here's an update.

The Open211 JSON API from 2 hackathons ago is still up and running - Code For Miami Heroku: - Code For Miami GitHub:

This week I've imported more Switchboard data into the API. In particular you may notice more contact information.

I've merged a few separate repos into CfM's Ohana API repo to make things simpler: - Switchboard's original CSV data and our data mapping proposal is now available at - My code that imports Switchboard's CSV data into the API database is now available at - A new rake task "rake switchboard:import" was added at to trigger the import process

Dployed the Ohana Web Search app: - My Heroku: - Code For Miami GitHub:

Miami's Ohana Web Search app talks to Miami's Ohana API app to pull data and display it in a human-friendly format.

Create issues if you find bugs or want to suggest enhancements. - API issues: - Web Search issues:

This issue in particular encompasses many separate issues:

Posted on by Greg Bloom

Bus tracking gps Update #6

We have successfully sent coordinates received from the GPS using GET from the GPRS to a server every 5 seconds. Now we should start building a container and a way to power up the unit for long periods.

Posted on by Miguel Herrnsdorf

Miami Open211 Update #5

Hi folks, I'm hosting a video chat with Catalyst Miami on March 26th at 3pm about the project. Others might be joining up as well.

RSVP here:

It would be great to be joined by someone from the Code for Miami team who is working on this project (though not a big deal).

Also, I'm hosting a general Orientation next Friday at 3p, just a general overview of the whole initiative — not for folks who are already involved, but if you know someone who should be involved and would like to learn, please share with them:

Posted on by Greg Bloom

Miami Open211 Update #4

Good news: Thanks to the efforts of Chris Scott (@cyberstrike) and Ed Toro (@eddroid), plus our intrepid brigade leaders, we have deployed the Ohana API and loaded a bit of Switchboard's data into it.

Visible here:

Ed's forked OhanaAPI repo with mods is here:

Raw data (not human readable, for use with pg_restore):

Ed says: I haven't pushed up my scraping code, but it'll go here when it's cleaned up:

Steps moving forward:

1) Check Ed's first take at field-mapping with Switchboard's tech team. (underway - @greggish)

2) Post and review data-munging code (underway - @eddroid)

3) Transfer into a more official CodeForMiami Heroku account, preferably one validated with a credit card because certain features won't work without it (next step - @rebekahmonson?)

4) Customize front-end of API module (next step - @greggish can help with text))

5) (maybe for CodeAcross) Deploy front-end Ohana Web Search and modify for Miami.

6) scope possible use cases (!)

If all of the above looks good, let's modify the main Code for Miami Open211 README accordingly.

Posted on by Greg Bloom

Bus tracking gps Update #5

Ardunio has arrived! We've successfully connected our GPS module and received data.

Posted on by Matt last

Sea Level Rise Update #7

A couple of updates:

FIRST, we have been approached to make the application available on an interactive kiosk at the Miami Beach Centennial Celebration: I am looking for companies that will let us rent an interactive kiosk for the duration of the event (March 22-26). Any leads would be welcome.

SECOND, a local media company may help us make the front-end of the user interface more user friendly. I will post more once I have more details.

As always the latest version of the application is here:

Posted on by Susan Jacobson

Cute Pets Miami Update #1

I have this working locally, created a Twitter account for testing and shot off a handful of tests. this Twitter account may not end up being what we use, for now it is just for testing.

The photos returned from PetHarbor are low resolution and appear pixelated. Need to see if this is an issue with PetHarbor or the pictures provided to them.

Posted on by Cristina Solana

The "Move the 'I wanna build something' doc to Github" Project Update #1

I moved all ideas for new local brigade members from the hackpad doc to the issues page on this github repo.

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung

Bus tracking gps Update #4

GSM board wiring to Arduino. Download Arduino-Adafruit library.

Posted on by Miguel Herrnsdorf

Miami Open211 Update #3

Relevant to this project: the Ohana team posted a page specifically about taxonomy - this might not answer all of our questions but it's a start:

Posted on by Greg Bloom

Miami Open211 Update #2

I have data! Pls email me at and I will share.

Posted on by Greg Bloom

Miami Open211 Update #1

FYI, forgot to mention: I'm hosting a series of video chats this Friday (in the 11am-2p range) where we'll be discussing different aspects of the initiative. It'll be on Google hangout, RSVP here

Orientation for newbies is at 11am, we'll probably be discussing the spec around noon, and the API around 1p. This is all extra-curricular, totally optional, just if you're interested in hearing more, seeing others involved, and asking questions. Lmk if you're interested.

Posted on by Greg Bloom

Sea Level Rise Update #6

WE ARE WORKING ON THE USER INTERFACE OF THE APP. Please send comments to, or tag me at a Code for Miami meet up.




Posted on by Susan Jacobson

Miami Dade GIS geoJSON Update #5

Here is the API for the GIS data and other useful resources:


Posted on by Cristina Solana

Miami Dade GIS geoJSON Update #4

Unexpected meeting yesterday with Miami-dade Counties GIS department (and their vendor). They are close (about a week) from releasing an API that would provide GeoJSON for the data that Georgiy scraped. They are aiming for Monday, but no promises.

Once it is made available we will post links here to see if there is any room for improvement or if we should just start using the API to build apps. They will also be providing use with links to their developer portal and GitHub repos.

Posted on by Cristina Solana

Sea Level Rise Update #5

A mostly-working prototype is available here:

We are now focusing on fixing up the interface. Suggestions are welcome! I am creating an interactive interface mockup in HTML5/CSS3 and could use some help. (My pull-down sub-menus are not working.)

Posted on by Susan Jacobson

Miami Dade GIS geoJSON Update #3

11/10/2014 Hackpad Notes


Posted on by Georgiy Slobodenyuk

Bus tracking gps Update #3

Created Pivotal Project (Agile PM) to track Server Side implementation:

Created git repo for new server side impl.

Posted on by Syed Abbas

Bus tracking gps Update #2

Two simple endpoints were created to test that the devices can send & receive data. To test it use the following cURL command

curl --data "lat=10.24059&lng=-80.240586"

This should eventually be replaced by the API being built by Jonathan & Syed

For details on the end points, see

Posted on by Adrian Cardenas

Tow Truck Alert Update #1

Front End design of the app is done. The back end depend on the type of connection and database we get from the City of Miami

Posted on by Carlos Caceres

Open Data Policy site Update #3

WEBSITE IS LIVE! Please use the issues page to list out UX issues or bugs.

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung

Bus tracking gps Update #1

So far we are still gathering the componentes for the project. -Arduino board (we will borrow this since a couple of people have it) -GSM shield (we bought it already) -GPS shield (already arrived) -Battery (we bought it already) -Antena (we bought it already)

We need somebody to help with the API

Posted on by Miguel Herrnsdorf

Miami Dade GIS geoJSON Update #2

I've published the nodejs scripts I used to crawl the Miami GIS website and convert to geoJSON here:

Posted on by Georgiy Slobodenyuk

Miami Dade GIS geoJSON Update #1

I've crawled the GIS website and and converted a majority of the zips to geoJSON here:

Posted on by Georgiy Slobodenyuk

Open Data Policy site Update #2

Here is an updated doc with the content for the Open Data Website. Please feel free to make changes and comments throughout the doc.

Posted on by Maggie Diaz-Vera

Sea Level Rise Update #4


We have a semi-functional Web app available at:

Posted on by Susan Jacobson

Miami Wiki Update #2

Github Repo for LocalWiki

Posted on by Maggie Diaz-Vera

Miami Blogs Update #2

This is the repo to Miami Blogs:

Posted on by Nathali Amaro

Miami Blogs Update #1

You can see the site in this link

Posted on by Nathali Amaro

Directory of civic data resources in Miami Dade area Update #1

Updating HTML and CSS for the site… Exciting changes coming!

Posted on by Hellen Larach

Storm Ready Update #2

We are in the process of populating the site with content and will later on narrow down on the design and style.

Posted on by Ernesto del Frade

Miami-Dade County Permits API Update #4

I've truncated the table & re-did the imports to make sure there were no duplicates from testing.

It still needs to be cleaned up & gone through. So if anyone needs remote access to the DB, please let me know.

Posted on by Adrian Cardenas

Miami-Dade County Permits API Update #3

Was able to import the data into the database. Will need to truncate & run it again to remove duplicates from tests.


Posted on by Adrian Cardenas

Sea Level Rise Update #3

The first implementation of our Personal Climate Risk Toolkit is here:

You can enter your address and find the high tide projections for the tide monitoring station nearest you.

Posted on by Susan Jacobson

Miami-Dade Code Update #6

After hacking, experimenting, testing, questioning, researching, I was finally able to get everything working.

  • Solr is now updated with all laws
  • Division Laws (Level 4) are now showing
  • General cleanup of laws and section ids

Going forward:

  1. Improve Parser by redesign
  2. Add tag functionality by parsing keywords from law text
  3. Harden the server
    • change passwords
    • password protect admin

Posted on by Antonio Llanos

Miami-Dade County Permits API Update #2

Diane Levine created some scripts to import the text files into a MySQL database as an alternative to Socrata.

At hack night a couple of weeks ago, Daniel Garcia volunteered to run the scripts on the server & import the data.

I've followed up with Danny over email to check on his progress & have him register on here.

Posted on by Adrian Cardenas

Miami-Dade Code Update #5

Hi all, I've created a custom logo and redesigned the landing page using Bootstrap. I uploaded the static HTML/CSS to Github. If you like what I've done please let me know and I'll redesign the remaining areas.

Posted on by Nestor Cabrera

Storm Ready Update #1

Layout In Progress

We are currently in the process of coding the overall layout of the app as well as creating, organizing and researching all the content needed.

More updates soon.

Posted on by Bianca Rigazzo

Open Data Policy site Update #1

Initial outline of site plan is on Google Docs.

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung Update #1

RepMiami Update #1

Project still needs some minor tweaks and a good design.

Posted on by Miguel Herrnsdorf

Budget Visualization Update #2

New datasets have been uploaded to Google Spreadsheets from Miami-Dade County to be integrated into a second version of the visualization website:

Second revision data available here:

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung

Operation P.A.W. Update #1

Cristina followed up with the liaison from Operation P.A.W. to see how we can help them further and do more brainstormings.

Posted on by Adrian Cardenas

Miami-Dade County Permits API Update #1

This API is created off of raw data that we received from Miami Dade County.

I was able to upload the permitting data to the Code for Miami Data Portal on Socrata which should allow an API by default, AND tie the property address to a latitude/longitude (click on the map view icon). Documentation to the RESTful API is now available.

I was able to update all datasets to the data Github repo with a new commit and push to master.

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung

Budget Visualization Update #1

Hey, so the project is UP! Here's what we got.

  1. Welcome screen.

  2. Interactive pie charts that break down the operational/capital/total budget spending proposals.

  3. Explanations of how funding is used in each endeavor (eg. public safety, transportation, etc)

Future endeavors for the project will be labeled as issues on the Github page.

Posted on by Danny Sepler

Trolley Tracker Mobile Update #1

Successfully got trolley tracker website to return JSON array with the location of the vehicles. Over the next week should be able to integrate those coordinates into a map that updates at a given interval.

Posted on by Patrick Helmus

Miami Taxicab TwitterBot Update #2

Hey! I just styled the app. Here's what it looks like now.

Home Page

Here's the about page.

About Page

Posted on by Danny Sepler

Miami Dade Crime Data Update #1

I have uploaded Dec2013, Jan,Feb,Mar 2014. I have also received Apr,May,Jun 2014 as well. Uploading those tonight.

We have a parser and database loaded with this data, we just need other "locations" to make the app more interesting. Right now we have Miami Lakes, and I am looking to obtain other areas that are managed by Miami Dade Police (MDPD).

What would be great is to obtain other non-MDPD cities to create conversion programs to be able to fit the data into the schema created to match the MDPD reporting.

Posted on by Antonio Llanos

Miami-Dade Code Update #4

We now have a domain name - - which now points to the website. Our call whether we want to name this project Miami-Dade Code or Miami-Dade Decoded. (Baltimore calls it "Decoded" but has the domain name of "code".)

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung Update #1

Adrian R. made some structural changes - we also wrote up a new Hackpad document of project ideas, if you want to code and you are looking for a different idea rather than the ones you see in the project list.

We still have to update the website to reflect this new doc.

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung

Miami-Dade Code Update #3

From Rebecca White (sowhitedi):

Hello Ernie, Will, Rebekah, and Antonio,

Thanks for welcoming me onto this project as a designer, and welcoming me to Miami! I'm brand new here and looking forward to working with you all.

I wanted to let you know some of my general thoughts for the design of this site. At hack night we've discussed that the current styling is very Virginia-Political and does not feel very Miami. So I'm looking at developing some color palettes and type styling that reflect the energy and vibrance of our city. I also would like for it to make some subtle references to the Wynwood neighborhood, since that is where it's being created!

One Question:

Does anyone have a suggestion of an iconic object / piece of architecture / something that really says MIAMI? For the header of the site, I would like to replace the generic State of Florida outline logo with something that's symbolic of Miami. I can do a custom illustration for this logo, just want to get some ideas from people who have been here longer than I have!

I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions you might have.


Posted on by Rebecca White

Sea Level Rise Update #2

With help from Rebekah and Christina, we now have a GitHub for data files and links to data files that are too big for GitHub (like geodatabases):

Posted on by Susan Jacobson

Miami-Dade Code Update #2

Hey folks, MAJOR update this weekend thanks to the work of Will and Antonio:

This is what has been done this weekend:

  • Antonio imported Will's XML dumps
  • I went in and stylized/customized the front page for Miami-Dade County, including a map of Miami-Dade that is not the official MDC logo. I also cleaned up some white space issues in the footer.
  • I added copy to the /About page

As far as I'm aware, these are the major things that need to be addressed:

  • Tying the DNS to (this is in Antonio's bucket, I think?)
  • Inline definitions show a JSON error
  • solr/search doesn't seem to be running at the moment

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung

Sea Level Rise Update #1

Here are the latest design specs for the app:


Posted on by Susan Jacobson

Socrata Data Portal Update #1

Socrata is a company that provides social data discovery services for opening government data. They have graciously provided us with an instance of an open data portal.

We have uploaded our subset of Miami-Dade 311 Service Requests that we received from Miami-Dade County in this data portal; we still need volunteers that can transfer our subsets of Miami-Dade County Local Business Tax Data as well as Miami-Dade County permitting information. Both of these subsets are available on the Code for Miami github accounts.

Bonus points if you can also upload the data sets that were profiled on Miami's US City Open Data Census page.

Contact Rebekah on how to get access to the Socrata portals and instructions on how to upload data sets.

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung

Miami Taxicab TwitterBot Update #1

From Kevin: "We could really use some designers and front end work on this application to display a feed of the tweets." Track down Kevin at a Monday meeting for more information.

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung

Miami Wiki Update #1

Mural Project Best Practices Guidelines Updated!

Posted on by Maggie Diaz-Vera

repMiami Update #1

Use this Google Document to edit existing representatives from state to county to commissioner level.

Posted on by Danielle Ungermann

TextMyBusMIA Update #1

7/7/2014 - Congrats, Rebekah! For your recognition tonight. We missed you and Adrian at tonight's meeting.

5/20/2014 - We reached out to Mike regarding someone in Transit that may be more involved on the GTFS data or the smartphone app with whom we could talk directly. No contact obtained, and follow-up sent on 7/7/2014.

4/2014 - First user-testing took place and we discussed a redesign of the bus stickers. This is pending.

Posted on by Aleyda Mejia

Miami-Dade Code Update #1

From Antonio:

I was able to get this up on EC2, need to run the updates, and then we can point the DNS over. In looking at Municode, I noticed that there is a City of Miami code, and there is the MiamiDade County Code, which is what we will be launching. Don't know if we want to add as the URL, instead of

We still need the following:

  1. Reskin the site
  2. Update the dictionary for Miami (it is set for Virginia terms)
  3. Load the latest XML documents.

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung