Bus tracking gps

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Testing: Something has been built and some people are using it

Project Activity

Update #7

Here is the running code: https://github.com/herrdragon/busTrackingGps

Posted on by Miguel Herrnsdorf

Update #6

We have successfully sent coordinates received from the GPS using GET from the GPRS to a server every 5 seconds. Now we should start building a container and a way to power up the unit for long periods.

Posted on by Miguel Herrnsdorf

Update #5

Ardunio has arrived! We've successfully connected our GPS module and received data.

Posted on by Matt last

Update #4

GSM board wiring to Arduino. Download Arduino-Adafruit library. https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-fona-mini-gsm-gprs-cellular-phone-module/arduino-test

Posted on by Miguel Herrnsdorf

Update #3

Created Pivotal Project (Agile PM) to track Server Side implementation: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/n/projects/1205622

Created git repo for new server side impl. https://github.com/sabbas/bus-tracking-gps

Posted on by Syed Abbas

Update #2

Two simple endpoints were created to test that the devices can send & receive data. To test it use the following cURL command

curl --data "lat=10.24059&lng=-80.240586" http://smsbus.miamicode.org/routes/101/trips/10/location

This should eventually be replaced by the API being built by Jonathan & Syed

For details on the end points, see https://github.com/Code-for-Miami/mdt-bus-sms/pull/40

Posted on by Adrian Cardenas

Update #1

So far we are still gathering the componentes for the project. -Arduino board (we will borrow this since a couple of people have it) -GSM shield (we bought it already) -GPS shield (already arrived) -Battery (we bought it already) -Antena (we bought it already)

We need somebody to help with the API

Posted on by Miguel Herrnsdorf