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Spinning off the StatesDecoded project (see for Miami-Dade County. Project is in conjunction with The OpenGov Foundation.

Project Activity

Update #6

After hacking, experimenting, testing, questioning, researching, I was finally able to get everything working.

  • Solr is now updated with all laws
  • Division Laws (Level 4) are now showing
  • General cleanup of laws and section ids

Going forward:

  1. Improve Parser by redesign
  2. Add tag functionality by parsing keywords from law text
  3. Harden the server
    • change passwords
    • password protect admin

Posted on by Antonio Llanos

Update #5

Hi all, I've created a custom logo and redesigned the landing page using Bootstrap. I uploaded the static HTML/CSS to Github. If you like what I've done please let me know and I'll redesign the remaining areas.

Posted on by Nestor Cabrera

Update #4

We now have a domain name - - which now points to the website. Our call whether we want to name this project Miami-Dade Code or Miami-Dade Decoded. (Baltimore calls it "Decoded" but has the domain name of "code".)

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung

Update #3

From Rebecca White (sowhitedi):

Hello Ernie, Will, Rebekah, and Antonio,

Thanks for welcoming me onto this project as a designer, and welcoming me to Miami! I'm brand new here and looking forward to working with you all.

I wanted to let you know some of my general thoughts for the design of this site. At hack night we've discussed that the current styling is very Virginia-Political and does not feel very Miami. So I'm looking at developing some color palettes and type styling that reflect the energy and vibrance of our city. I also would like for it to make some subtle references to the Wynwood neighborhood, since that is where it's being created!

One Question:

Does anyone have a suggestion of an iconic object / piece of architecture / something that really says MIAMI? For the header of the site, I would like to replace the generic State of Florida outline logo with something that's symbolic of Miami. I can do a custom illustration for this logo, just want to get some ideas from people who have been here longer than I have!

I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions you might have.


Posted on by Rebecca White

Update #2

Hey folks, MAJOR update this weekend thanks to the work of Will and Antonio:

This is what has been done this weekend:

  • Antonio imported Will's XML dumps
  • I went in and stylized/customized the front page for Miami-Dade County, including a map of Miami-Dade that is not the official MDC logo. I also cleaned up some white space issues in the footer.
  • I added copy to the /About page

As far as I'm aware, these are the major things that need to be addressed:

  • Tying the DNS to (this is in Antonio's bucket, I think?)
  • Inline definitions show a JSON error
  • solr/search doesn't seem to be running at the moment

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung

Update #1

From Antonio:

I was able to get this up on EC2, need to run the updates, and then we can point the DNS over. In looking at Municode, I noticed that there is a City of Miami code, and there is the MiamiDade County Code, which is what we will be launching. Don't know if we want to add as the URL, instead of

We still need the following:

  1. Reskin the site
  2. Update the dictionary for Miami (it is set for Virginia terms)
  3. Load the latest XML documents.

Posted on by Ernie Hsiung