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City of Miami Open Data

I made this IPython Notebook as a demonstation of what one can do with the City of Miami Open Data Portal. This work was done at the Code for Miami Weekly Civic Hack Night on Monday June 29, 2015. Thanks to The LAB Miami for hosting the event.

There are many caveats and provisos to the result of the analysis. Notably, I censored some of the data that had missing values when calculating the fraction of the time 311 meets their goals, so take the analysis with a grain of salt. This analysis is mostly intended as a demonstration of Open Data.

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Update #1

This project was pretty much started and finished in the same night (June 29, 2015). It is a really simple demo of data mining the City of Miami 311 data set. The hard part was rolling back the git commits when I accidentally tried to commit a >100 MB file (#bigDataProblems ?)

Anyways, the IPython Notebook is available to fully reproduce the analysis.

Enjoy! -gully (@gully_)[]

Posted on by Michael Gully-Santiago