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Commenting: Initial status for project, it's an idea people are commenting on

The project itself, simply put, is to build a database of literature that Cubans on the island could access via e-mail by sending a request via email that triggers an automatic reply with the literature/an intermediary menu that the requester can reply to (cf. Apretaste—if you are unfamiliar, I'd be glad to elaborate).

The step-by-step is something like this:

  1. Setting up a database. Wikispaces seems good, but if there is a more affordable/free alternative, we would like to look into that. If you have any suggestions regarding what sort of database would work best for a project like this one, please let us know.
  2. Filling the database with literature. Anyone can do this. We prefer text as opposed to scanned images, as bandwidth in Cuba is abysmally slow.
  3. Writing the code to have this distributed. This is where the technical expertise is crucial. The language is up to the programmer (Apretaste was written in php). We would need assistance in getting a team together that will collaborate on getting the interactive element up and running. It would be great if you could help us with that.
  4. Making this available in Cuba, marketing-wise. This would be more of a strategy thing, and doesn't require much CS expertise.

Really trying to get this off the ground (I lack technical expertise), so if anyone can assist, please let us know.

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