Open Data Policy site

THE PROBLEM: For our city or county to create an Open Data Policy, it will help to get as much grassroots support possible from its citizens as possible.

WHAT WE'RE PROPOSING: Let's create an information/brochure website that can help folks understand 1) what open data is (why isn't it the same as the county releasing a bunch of PDFs?) and 2) how open data will benefit us in the day to day lives (because yes, it totally will.) There should also be a call to action for folks to enter their name, e-mail and zip code so they can get information down the line [for voting petitions and what not]

Right now we need:

  • An project manager (who can make sure we can get this delivered on time)
  • A content owner (someone who can manage what content we need, can be same as Project Manager)
  • A designer
  • A developer
  • A translator (who can take the content, translating into Spanish and/or Kreyol)

A person can, of course, own multiple roles if necessary.

For Developers: