Miami Open211 Update #4

Good news: Thanks to the efforts of Chris Scott (@cyberstrike) and Ed Toro (@eddroid), plus our intrepid brigade leaders, we have deployed the Ohana API and loaded a bit of Switchboard's data into it.

Visible here:

Ed's forked OhanaAPI repo with mods is here:

Raw data (not human readable, for use with pg_restore):

Ed says: I haven't pushed up my scraping code, but it'll go here when it's cleaned up:

Steps moving forward:

1) Check Ed's first take at field-mapping with Switchboard's tech team. (underway - @greggish)

2) Post and review data-munging code (underway - @eddroid)

3) Transfer into a more official CodeForMiami Heroku account, preferably one validated with a credit card because certain features won't work without it (next step - @rebekahmonson?)

4) Customize front-end of API module (next step - @greggish can help with text))

5) (maybe for CodeAcross) Deploy front-end Ohana Web Search and modify for Miami.

6) scope possible use cases (!)

If all of the above looks good, let's modify the main Code for Miami Open211 README accordingly.

Posted on by Greg Bloom