Miami Open211 Update #6

We made great progress over the weekend: a demo website is up! Check it out:

A bunch of issues listed here:

@eddroid posted this update on slack:

For those of you interested in this project, here's an update.

The Open211 JSON API from 2 hackathons ago is still up and running - Code For Miami Heroku: - Code For Miami GitHub:

This week I've imported more Switchboard data into the API. In particular you may notice more contact information.

I've merged a few separate repos into CfM's Ohana API repo to make things simpler: - Switchboard's original CSV data and our data mapping proposal is now available at - My code that imports Switchboard's CSV data into the API database is now available at - A new rake task "rake switchboard:import" was added at to trigger the import process

Dployed the Ohana Web Search app: - My Heroku: - Code For Miami GitHub:

Miami's Ohana Web Search app talks to Miami's Ohana API app to pull data and display it in a human-friendly format.

Create issues if you find bugs or want to suggest enhancements. - API issues: - Web Search issues:

This issue in particular encompasses many separate issues:

Posted on by Greg Bloom